Why Medical Exams Should be Standard Care After Auto Accidents

Even a minor automobile accident has the potential to cause serious injuries. Every year there are millions of people that receive medical care following an accident and many others that delay the care because it seems unnecessary. The ability to walk away from an accident is not a valid indicator of whether someone was injured. Too often people neglect to seek help and suffer needlessly because of this decision. There are several reasons why people choose to refuse medical care.

Worried About Others

Parents, spouses and friends often avoid medical treatment to be at the side of their injured loved one. It is understandable that someone would want to remain with a person they care about when their life is at risk. Unfortunately, delaying treatment could cause additional damage to the person trying to be strong. Internal bleeding is not always instantly noticeable, and slight fractures and mild head injuries could become worse without care.

Lack Health Insurance

Many car accident doctors treat patients that are reluctant to discuss the extent of their injuries or that refuse further treatment because they worry about their bill. This is a bad decision because in many cases the auto insurance will cover most of the medical expenses and refusing care could compromise a future lawsuit.

Suffering From Shock

At an accident injury clinic, many of the patients that enter the facility are in shock. The problem is caused by the speed of the unusual event and the pain and fear they have suffered. The patients often cannot think clearly or are uncommunicative. Some people in shock may seem to be functioning normally, but their condition prevents them from feeling the pain from their injuries. They will often go home and discover the next day that they can barely move or have a severe headache or abdominal pain.

Medical examinations are important for every accident victim no matter how minor a traffic accident may seem. The events typically happen so fast that people do not realize that they hit their head or that the seatbelt was too tight. An exam not only rules out any serious medical concerns it also provides additional documentation of the accident in case any further legal complications arise.


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